BMW Brakes and Suspension Maintenance

BMW Brakes and Suspension, BMW alignment

BMW Brakes and Suspension Maintenance


You spent a nice chunk of change to have that BMW sitting proudly behind the door of your garage, do yourself a favor and invest in keeping it there. Your suspension is one of the largest systems in your fine German automobile, and it plays a leading role in keeping you safe on the road. Proper BMW alignment, shocks and struts, linkages, bushings, and those high-performance tires are just a few of the components that make up this system. All of them working together ensure you get from point A to point B in one piece. Of course, a finely tuned suspension is wasted in a car that does not stop when you hit the brakes! BMW brakes and suspension maintenance work together to keep your car in peak form.

BMW Alignment

Driving your BMW while it is out of alignment will damage your suspension system, resulting in much higher repair costs when you do finally have it looked at. Your owner’s manual recommends having your alignment checked at regular intervals, but what if you find your car pulling to one side before that time comes? 

Signs Your Car Needs Alignment

A nasty pothole or riding a few curbs will often lead to issues with your alignment. Have a peek at the tread on your tires, is there uneven wear? Does your steering wheel sit at an odd angle while you are driving straight? Or maybe it is vibrating? Are your tires squealing and making you feel like you are on the set of a 70’s cop drama? All of these are indicators that it is time to get your car into the shop and have it looked at.

BMW Brakes Maintenance

It is not always obvious how a faulty suspension system affects the braking in your BMW. When the various parts of your suspension have not been looked after, it will result in a rough and uneven ride. Your car may pull or drift when cornering, or the front end will dip when coming to a stop. A driver naturally compensates for these irregularities by applying more pressure to the brakes. 

Signs Your Car Needs Brakes Service

The more an ailing suspension system disrupts the smooth ride of your vehicle, the more you rely on your brakes to help even things out. This results in premature wear and tear on your pads, rotors, and fluids. Is your fluid low or dirty? Does the car shudder when depressing the brakes? Have you noticed that it takes longer to come to a complete stop? Get your brakes looked at, a lot is riding on it!

BMW Suspension Maintenance

This brings us back to where we started, your suspension system. A very easy test that anyone can do is to push down on the hood of your car and note if it bounces when it comes back up. Do the same with your rear bumper. They should return to the original position without any bouncing, if not, your suspension requires repair. 

Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Maintenance

Check all four corners of your BMW and ensure that they all are sitting evenly. A low corner is an indicator that there are issues. Noise is also a red flag. Your finely engineered suspension is designed to operate quietly. Even slight or infrequent sounds coming from the undercarriage are calls for help from your beloved BMW.

Need Your BMW Brakes and Suspension Serviced?

Do not delay, if you have noticed anything with your car and are worried that something may not be quite right, do the wise thing and book an appointment with A-1 Imports Autoworks . Let us do the worrying!