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Part of being a responsible car owner involves keeping up with vehicle maintenance and recognizing when it’s time to take the car in for repair. Auto repair is especially important for car owners who live in a climate and environment where mud, dust and other elements can add to the typical wear-and-tear of the vehicle, such as the Mediterranean climate and varying terrains of San Rafael, California. But there are some auto repair issues that vehicle owners should pay attention to more often than other car issues.

Here are some common auto repair issues automobile owners should recognize:

1. Oxygen Sensor Repair

Replacing the oxygen sensor (O2S) is a common auto repair issue that many vehicle owners encounter. In fact, a CarMD study identified replacing the oxygen sensor as the most common auto repair in the western United States in 2018. Drivers may notice their cars have poor fuel economy when their vehicles consume more gas than usual. Poor fuel economy is typically a sign that the oxygen sensor may require replacing, which a professional mechanic knows how to replace properly.

2. Engine Repair

Engine repairs are also common auto repairs auto mechanics can take care of for vehicle owners. If vehicle owners notice a rapping or knocking sound coming from their engine, it’s possible that the bearings are loose. Loose bearings can damage the engine and even cause it to stop working altogether if they aren’t replaced or fixed. So, it’s important that vehicle owners take care of this common auto repair issue right away.

3. Brake Repair

The vehicle’s brakes wear down over time and sometimes requiring replacing. When a scraping, squeaking, screeching or grinding sound is coming from the brakes, then it’s time for car owners to take their vehicles to a professional to take a look at their brakes. The brakes may also need repair if vehicle owners notice light smoke or a strong chemical-like smell coming from the brakes. This may mean the brakes are overheated or stuck.

Final Thoughts

When a vehicle needs a repair, it’s important for car owners to find a professional team that can take care of the issue at hand. Luckily, vehicle owners can find auto repair professionals right in San Rafael to fix issues they may have with their cars, such as A-1 Imports Autoworks. Whether it’s a tune-up or engine repair, car owners can count on the expertise of A-1 Imports Autoworks.

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