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There’s no such thing as safe driving without reliable brakes. For that reason, brake inspections should happen once every 10,000 to 35,000 miles. (Owner’s manuals will have more specific numbers.)

In addition, professional assistance is needed when brakes don’t sound or act the way they usually do. For instance:

  • Is the brake warning light flashing?
  • Do the brakes make a strange noise when they’re pumped?
  • During braking, does the car drift to one side or the other?
  • Does pressing the brake pedal feel like pressing down on a sponge?
  • Does it feel bumpy, shaky or wobbly when the car comes to a stop?

Whenever these issues arise, it’s wise to get to a mechanic on the double.

Inspecting and Fixing Brakes

The experts at A-1 Imports Autoworks make sure that brakes are in perfect working order. These pros inspect all types of braking systems, including disc, drum and ABS.

A car’s braking system has dozens of parts, from simple machines like levers to high-tech features like electronic sensors. Of course, all of these elements must be in proper shape to do their jobs.

The services at A-1 Imports Autoworks are comprehensive. Its team members can replace brake shoes and brake pads. They can safely dispose of old brake fluid and supply new, high-quality fluid. They perform many other brake-related tasks as well.

Excellent Brake Service, Excellent Customer Service

The A-1 Imports Autoworks staff won’t do anything to a set of brakes until they have a car owner’s permission. Indeed, they’ll explain the problem in detail, and they’ll discuss why they need to take certain measures. And they let customers know which optional services could lead to a better performance.

At A1 Imports Autoworks, the entire team is welcoming, hardworking and conscientious. They never put pressure on customers. They just make sure it’s safe to put pressure on brake pedals.

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