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The transmission plays a crucial role in a car’s performance. Depending on which gear a vehicle is in, it transfers a certain level of power from the engine to the axles, the rods connected to the wheels.
BMW offers a special transmission: the cutting-edge, high-performance Steptronic. It’s a machine with both automatic and manual modes. In fact, certain BMW models let drivers manually shift gears by pressing buttons embedded in the steering wheel. However, a BMW generally won’t let people go into a gear that isn’t safe for a given driving situation.

BMW transmission fluid is just as impressive. It’s a premium synthetic liquid that can sometimes function for 100,000 miles.

Unfortunately, even BMW transmissions can fail for one reason or another. Fortunately, A-1 Imports Autoworks, a BMW specialist, is always available to help.

Transmissions Issues

Anyone who’s ever looked at a transmission up close knows how many intricate little parts it contains. As such, this machine can be touchy.

What are some signs that it’s time to get a transmission looked at?

  • A car is getting fewer miles to the gallon.
  • An engine is making a high-pitched hum.
  • When a driver shifts to a higher gear, nothing seems to happen, or the car appears to change gears on its own. These problems are known as slippage.
  • The transmission fluid smells like something burning in the toaster.
  • A motorist hears a thudding sound whenever she or he switches gears.
  • A car is leaking a brown or red liquid.

Servicing the Transmission

A BMW owner should have a transmission serviced after about 50,000 miles. During that visit, the specialist will send out the transmission to a trusted transmission shop where they will further examine the transmission filter and replace the fluid.

If there’s a problem with a transmission, the transmission specialist can take one of these three actions:

  • Repair one faulty part.
  • Rebuild the transmission. That means they’ll disassemble this machine, find the parts that aren’t working due to damage or age, and then put it all back together using some new parts.
  • Replace the entire transmission.

Finally, everyone at A-1 Imports Autoworks provides prompt, friendly and dependable service. And, from older models to the most high-tech varieties, they know everything there is to know about BMW transmissions. For an appointment, please call 415-453-3601 at any time.



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